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Tungsten Jewelry Buying Guide

About Tungsten

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What is Tungsten?

Tungsten is an alternative metal that has grown popular in contemporary jewelry design, from necklaces and bracelets to wedding rings. It is the hardest and heaviest of the alternative metals. Its near indestructibility has made it popular in men’s jewelry.

Tungsten vs. Tungsten Carbide

The tungsten used by jewelers is rarely pure tungsten. Why? Pure tungsten is very brittle, making it difficult to shape into rings, necklaces, or bracelets. So, what is tungsten carbide and how does it compare? Tungsten carbide, an alloy made up of tungsten and carbon, gives jewelers the flexibility they need for their creations. Tungsten-to-carbon ratios can vary in this alloy, so keep in mind the higher the concentration of tungsten, the more valuable the piece is.

Tungsten History

Tungsten is a relatively modern metal, first discovered in 1783 by chemists and brothers Juan José and Fausto Elhuyar. Tungsten’s name comes from the Swedish word meaning “heavy stone.” It’s a fitting name; diamonds are the only thing harder than tungsten. Jewelers use diamond-tipped tools to shape and create tungsten jewelry.

Natural deposits of tungsten can be found in half the world’s continents, but the vast majority of tungsten is found and exported from China. China has a long history with tungsten. Tungsten was in the paints used by porcelain artisans in China over 300 years ago.

Tungsten Characteristics

Alternative metals are defined by their modern sensibility and industrial style. Review tungsten jewelry’s key characteristics and see if this metal is right for you.


Tungsten is extremely durable and is the hardest metal used in jewelry. It is so scratch resistant that it needs little to no upkeep and polishing.


Tungsten is commonly seen in steely greys and rich blacks. You can also find tungsten coated or plated with warmer colors like rose gold and yellow gold metals.


Tungsten is the heaviest alternative metal. Its natural heft gives tungsten jewelry like rings and necklaces a more expensive feel.

The Facts on Tungsten

Looking for unique wedding rings, and want to know the facts about tungsten? Here’s our summary:

Budget friendly; one of the cheapest alternative metals Tungsten jewelry is too hard to resize
A no-maintenance ring that’s hypoallergenic Wear with caution; tungsten’s hardness can scratch your belongings
Hefty weight for a luxurious feel Less intrinsic value compared to precious metals

Tungsten Care

Alternative metals like tungsten are popular because they are easier to maintain. However, there still are some care basics we recommend following. Store all jewelry separately in a lined box or soft pouch to avoid scratching or being scratched. You can maintain tungsten’s shine by cleaning it under warm running water with a mild soap.

Shop Tungsten Jewelry

Explore jewelry designs featuring the alternative metal, tungsten. Tungsten jewelry’s lustrous shine and brilliant color endures in beautiful rings and bracelets.

Tungsten Rings

Tungsten rings are crafted to last over time. Find the ring you will treasure today and, in the years, to come.


Tungsten Bracelets

Alternative styles for alternative metals you’ll love. Explore original bracelet designs in tungsten.


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