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Diamond Info

There's Simply Nothing Like a Diamond. Here's Why.

Time to Get Brilliant

Elements of a Diamond

Girdle. Table. Culet. Crown. These are the characteristics that make your diamond one of a kind.

Carat, Clarity, Color, Cut

Nail down these diamond basics before buying, and make it easy to find your diamond.

Let Your Diamond Take Shape

Get to know your Asscher from your cushion, an oval from a princess. Find the shapes that sparkle just for you.

Advice That Makes the Cut

In person, chat session, or phone call, we're here to help you find your perfect diamond.

The New Way to Diamond

Lab-created diamonds are identical to natural diamonds and are a great way to get more bling for your budget.

Smart Ways to Plan Your Purchase

There are many ways to make your diamond dreams a reality. Here's how to set your budget for shopping that makes sense.

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