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Making the Milestone Meaningful

Birthdays, Graduations, Career Wins – Jewelry Celebrates the Moment

The birth of a baby. Your graduation from college. Staying on a raw-food diet for an entire year. Whatever the milestone, public or private, jewelry can be your reminder of the moment in time.

Here are some milestones and accomplishments you might not have thought of — and jewelry ideas to mark your milestones perfectly.

A silver chain with a graduation cap pendant and a personalized pendant that says 'Graduate 2020' above a rose colored gemstone School Memories

Plan a type of jewelry gift to give your student (say, a watch or gold chains of increasing weight) and use special occasions to give according to your theme.

You can start a charm bracelet, give a pendant necklace each year, or design a class ring — all great ways to mark graduation milestones with precious jewelry.

A young man is a dark suit with a blue tie wearing a Movado Men's Museum Classic watch with blue dial His Milestones

Watches are always appropriate gifts for even young boys — his first might help him learn to tell time, his middle school timepiece might be his first dive watch.

Later in life, what MBA wouldn't want a Movado watch to complete the baby-to-man collection his parents planned all those years ago?

A young girl in a light purple dress holding a brown stuffed bunny Children's Milestones

Your child's first lost tooth — or his last. Her first dance recital — or her final bow. Being part of a championship team or achieving a personal best. These types of accomplishments shape your child, and they mean a lot to parents as well.

Pendants, rings, bracelets, watches — all great ways to move through childhood moments with jewelry.

Three young women celebrating a birthday in front of a cake with eight pink candles Big Birthdays

Birthday milestones are particularly appropriate to commemorate with jewelry. Jewelry need not display the year of birth or the age of the recipient — in fact, it's probably best that it doesn't!

But the beginning of a new decade might be the perfect time to splurge on the watch he always wanted, or on a high-quality birthstone gem set in a ring or earrings that fits her style.

Two different chains and three different rings showing a wide variety of birthstones and gemstones Worthy of Personalization

Did you run your first marathon? Get a new job or a promotion? Build a new house or buy one for the first time? Instead of celebrating with champagne, do it with personalized jewelry.

Customize it with names, stones, or dates, and as long as you wear it, you'll have a visual reminder of what you accomplished — and motivation to hit your next win.

Two different necklaces and bracelet with tanzanite gemstones overlaid on a pink gift box with a pink ribbon Show Your Admiration

Who in your life gave of themselves to make you who you are today? Why not surprise them with a handwritten note and a sparkling token of your admiration. You'll show how grateful you are for all they've done for you.

A gold chain with a gold, personalized pendant of a baby's footprints with the name 'Kayla' and the date '07-25-16' Push Present

Because she's earned it. Find necklaces imprinted with a baby's footprint. Or give a gift with birthstones, keys, hearts, cameos, angels, or personalization to celebrate the little bundle of joy — and her hard work.

Next Stop: Giving

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