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Dorian Webb

A celebration of African American culture and the power of women, this Black woman-owned and designed collection is known for dynamic designs made from 14K yellow gold and natural diamonds.


Intentional Jewelry that Celebrates Women

Award-winning designer Dorian Webb believes in intentional design that celebrates the beauty of imperfection and takes inspiration from the everyday rhythms of life. Defying convention, her unique designs feature asymmetrical lines, interrupted patterns and dynamic textures that catch the eye.
"When someone selects and wears a piece of jewelry, it becomes their own - its meaning changes and adapts to the wearer."

- Dorian Webb

Leaving A Mark

Dorian Webb creates each piece with a purpose: to spark connection and conversation. She sees jewelry design as a way to celebrate the beauty of women and Black culture while marking moments in time. Striving to create a societal impact, she uses her platform to bring awareness to social justice issues and organizations.

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