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Bridal Pearls on Your Wedding Day

Pearls seem as though they were made for a bride. A classic for centuries, learn more about the tradition and get inspired with pearls for your wedding day.

Tradition and History

In addition to their bridal beauty, pearls possess certain meanings when it comes to a wedding day

Similar to the traditional meaning of a white dress, cultures throughout the ages have believed pearls symbolize purity.

Folklore says that wearing pearls on your wedding day will bring a happy marriage. Some believe a pearl is a representation of a tear and by wearing pearls, you ensure a lifetime of joy with your future spouse. This superstition is practiced by many brides who hope not to shed any tears in matrimony.

A Customary Gift
It is common for a groom to give his bride a piece of pearl jewelry on their wedding day. Depending on her style, a gift could range from an elegant ring to a classic strand of pearls. In some families, it is actually tradition for the future mother-in-law of the bride to hand down pearls that belong to her, or gift her daughter-in-law with a new set.

Wearing Them on Your Wedding Day

Always consider the neckline of your dress when selecting a pearl necklace. Anything that exposes your shoulders or has an open neckline should be complemented by a necklace. Choose a style that feels true to you; a choker, double strand, a delicate chain with a single pearl, or even colored pearls are all options to consider.

Necklaces aren't the only way to wear bridal pearls. Earrings are also an elegant way to continue this tradition. Rely on the general rule of thumb, if your hair is being styled up, go for a more dramatic earring. A drop earring would be a great option as would an elaborate earring featuring both pearls and diamonds in the design. You absolutely cannot go wrong with simple pearl studs, particularly if your hair is being worn down.

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