Rhodolite's name is a composite of the Greek words "rhodon" and "lithos" meaning "rose stone." A member of the garnet family, rhodolite is recognized as a stone of inspiration and is thought to bring creativeness and inventiveness to the wearer. Rhodolite is considered a traveler's stone. Like many red stones, rhodolite garnet was once believed to heal or stop bleeding and encourage good circulation. It is also thought to alleviate anger and promote tranquility.


Rhodolite ranges in color from rose red to pale violet. Rhodolite stones with a strong purple or pink hue are the most valued. Rhodolite garnets glitter brilliantly due to their high refractive index.

Gem Family

Rhodolite is a member of the beryl family.


Rhodolite rates a 7.0‐7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it a great gem for everyday wear. Rhodolite will last for years with a little care.


Rhodolite is generally not treated.


Like other garnets, rhodolite is a birthstone for January.


Like most gemstones, rhodolite should be stored separately to keep from scratching or being scratched. Store them in a lined box or a soft pouch. Avoid steam cleaners, however ultrasonic cleaning is usually safe. Clean your rhodolite jewelry using warm soapy water and dry with a soft, lint‐free cloth.

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