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Platinum Jewelry Buying Guide

About Platinum


What is Platinum?

Platinum isn't only one of the top precious metals used for jewelry — it's the world's most prized and expensive precious metal. This metal is a style staple for men’s and women’s jewelry and is used in everything from earrings to necklaces to engagement rings.

Platinum vs. Gold

For a while platinum was mislabeled as “white gold” because of their similar appearances. Which begs the question, is platinum better than gold? When you compare platinum to white gold (or any gold), you will find they are vastly different metals. Platinum jewelry is harder and more durable than gold and it retains its color and luster longer. You do pay for what you get though, and the qualities that make platinum jewelry desirable also make it a more expensive metal.

Platinum History

Platinum has been used for jewelry as a far back of the Ancient Egyptians. However, we don’t see writings about platinum until 1557, when Italian physician Julius Scaliger described a curious metal that won’t melt that he nicknames "platina," meaning "little silver." The metal was formally identified in 1741 by British scientist Charles Wood. Platinum metal is 30 times rarer than gold and is easily the strongest precious metal. These qualities have made platinum a prized metal for modern fine jewelry. Some of the world’s most famous pieces of jewelry are set in platinum, like the infamous 45.52 carat Hope Diamond and even the imperial British royal scepter.

Platinum Characteristics

Precious metals are defined by their luxurious beauty and classic style. Review platinum jewelry’s key characteristics and see if this metal is right for you.


Platinum jewelry is an extremely damage-resistant precious metal. It is a metal that will never tarnish or oxidize.


Platinum is known for its bright white luster.


Platinum has a moderate weight, so it’s great for people who value some heft in their jewelry.

The Facts on Platinum

Looking for radiant engagement rings, and want to know the facts about platinum? Here’s our summary:

The most durable and long-lasting precious metal It is a rarer metal, which means it is more expensive
Strong metal that is great for crisp engravings Only comes in a silvery white color
Hypoallergenic and does not tarnish Not for people who prefer lighter-weight jewelry

Platinum Care

The precious metal platinum is popular for its luxurious nature and long-lasting beauty. As always, it’s best to store any jewelry separately in a lined box or soft pouch to avoid scratching or being scratched. Platinum jewelry requires little to no maintenance, but if you want to you can clean it under warm running water with a mild soap.

Shop Platinum Jewelry

Explore jewelry designs featuring the precious metal, platinum. Platinum jewelry’s lustrous shine and brilliant color endures in beautiful rings, earrings, and necklaces.

Platinum Rings

Platinum rings are crafted to last over time. Find the ring you will treasure today, and in the years, to come.


Platinum Earrings

Make a statement with the unique metal platinum earrings in drop, hoop, and stud styles.


Platinum Necklaces

Feel platinum’s luxurious weight next to your heart in gorgeous pendants and classic chains.


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