Dressed in Holiday Style: 5 Jewelry Gift Trends for the Holidays

With the holidays are right around the corner, now is the time to get working on those holiday gift lists.

Jewelry makes one of the most welcome gifts, whether you are celebrating the eight days of Hanukkah or are celebrating Christmas. There’s something special about seeing a small, neatly-wrapped box under the tree with your name on it. One thing is for sure: you know it’s going to be something special.

Each year, some of the most treasured gifts are gifts of fine jewelry. You can’t go wrong with anything silver, gold or platinum, but there are certain styles that trend each holiday season.

To make giving easy this season, check out this list of 5 trending holiday styles and jewelry gifts for 2018:

Jewelry Gift Trend #1: Diamond Studs

With their classic design, dazzling style, and elegant versatility, diamond stud earrings are a perennial holiday favorite. Unlike drops, hoops or chandelier styles, stud earrings let the diamonds do all the talking. These days, diamond stud earrings are a great choice for both men and women! Choose from simple solitaire studs in a wide range of carat weights, to multi-stone designs with sparkle to spare.

If you are purchasing diamond solitaire studs, remember to take the 4 Cs – Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight – into consideration. The most popular shape for diamond studs is the round-cut diamond, with princess-cut and Asscher-cut diamonds close behind.

If you are choosing multi-diamond studs, color and clarity are the most important things to consider. Cloudy diamonds don’t glisten in any setting. Be sure to look for diamonds that are clear to the eye and radiate brilliant sparkle!

Keep your budget and the recipient’s wardrobe in mind when purchasing diamond stud earrings as holiday jewelry gifts. This way, you will make sure your jewelry gift is the style that they absolutely love. Fortunately, you’ll find hundreds of solitaire and fashion styles starting at $50 and up at Zales.

Jewelry Gift Trend #2: Layering Necklaces and Bracelets

If you’ve missed this holiday jewelry gift trend, you haven’t been paying attention! Layered looks are a trend that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. We’ve got you covered.

The key to layering necklaces is to keep your look cohesive. Start with a short chain or choker style and add longer styles until you have all the layers you want. Some layer necklaces are as minimal as two or three chains, while others seem to have no end! Finishing the layered necklace with a larger, statement piece is super trendy.

Bracelet stacks are as popular as ever – especially bolo stacks. The arm party trend is going strong, and, like layering necklaces, stacking bracelets pay homage to your personal style. Stack your bolos, cuffs, bangles and more alone. Or, stack them with your favorite watch and head off to work with style and panache. To buy a bracelet stack as a jewelry gift, make sure you know their style well.

Jewelry Gift Trend #3: Colored Gold

For the longest time, For the longest time, bright white gold has been, well, the gold standard. Just in time for a holiday jewelry gift, colored gold is trending and is hotter than ever.

Warm yellow gold is the color of choice for basic pieces – think hoop earrings, classic bangle bracelets and even traditional bridal styles. Yellow gold allows diamonds to shine – particularly if they have a little color to them. Classic yellow gold also warms up gemstones like rubies, emeralds and blue sapphires.

Blush pink rose gold is another hot look. Pink color is obtained by adding small amounts of copper to the mix and it takes any look to another eye-catching level. Paired with bold black diamonds, this look is super on-trend. Rose gold allows gemstones like morganite to radiate their pure pink color, and it’s a great choice for the most romantic bridal styles.

Jewelry Gift Trend #4: Watches

While it’s true that many people rely on their cell phones for the time, the traditional timepiece is making a strong comeback. The holidays are about tradition, and watches are a natural holiday jewelry gift to consider this time of year.

Bigger, bolder watch styles with loads of features – not to mention Smart Watch functionality – are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. At Zales, you’ll find a wide range of watch styles, including trendy designs from Fossil, Coach and JBW, to classic styles from Movado, Citizen, Invicta, and more.

Watch styles for him include cool features like chronograph subdials, moon phases or skeleton detailing take the traditional look up a notch. Watch styles for her range from bold menswear designs to more feminine styles with crystals and intricately detailed faces make elegant statements.

Jewelry Gift Trend #5: Personalized Jewelry Gifts

Personalized looks are a great idea, especially as holiday jewelry gifts. Who wouldn’t love a name necklace or monogram earrings? At Zales, you’ll find hundreds of silver, gold and even stainless steel designs to choose from and customize as you desire. Mother’s and family jewelry can be customized with either genuine or lab-created gemstones and further personalized with names, dates, and more. And for men, cuff links, money clips, and watches engraved with his initials are always a thoughtful and personal choice.

Of course, the ultimate personalized jewelry gift is an engagement ring. Zales new Design Suite allows you to custom-create the engagement ring of her dreams and watch it come to life right before your eyes. Try it for yourself – it’s truly amazing!

With all personalized jewelry, allow plenty of time prior to giving. Each piece is custom made, so you’ll have to factor time into your gift-giving decision. Usually, four to six weeks is enough time. You’ll find the exact time allowance required on each jewelry gift design online.

Look to Zales First for Jewelry Gift Ideas

Jewelry is one of the most welcome gifts any time of year – and while these might be the top trending styles this holiday season, you can find thousands of additional styles online at Zales.com. Or, visit your local Zales retail store and speak to a knowledgeable jewelry consultant about a gift for the ones you love. Either way, you’re sure to find the perfect jewelry gift this holiday season.