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Should Wedding Bands Match?

Deciding on your wedding bands is one of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding. The wedding bands are something that is meant to signify the big commitment you are making with your significant other. There are no hard and fast rules that dictate you have to match your wedding bands.

When it comes to your wedding bands, you'll have to consider if you'd like to have a matching pair or your own individual styles. From traditional gold, platinum and even gemstone, there are countless combinations of his and her wedding bands. Will you choose to match wedding bands with your partner? Or, will you go out on your own and choose a wedding band that fits your personal style? We can help you decide.

Wedding Band Matching: The Traditional Choice

If you and your partner are looking to honor tradition, matching bands are for you. The idea of matching wedding bands goes back thousands of years. During the time of the Renaissance, wedding rings were made to actually fit together like a puzzle. During the wedding, the groom would remove the ring from his finger and match it up with the ring from his bride.

In some cultures, only the woman would wear a wedding ring. Around the time of World War II, many servicemen started wearing a ring while stationed overseas to help remember and honor their wives. The tradition of wearing matching bands gained popularity during this time. Civilians picked up on the tradition and started wearing matching bands too. His and hers wedding bands were often simple and sweet in style.

Other reasons to match include expressing that the two of you are now a unit and you share the same taste and style. It sounds good in theory, but we all know that's not always the case!

When Not to Match Wedding Bands

Today, many couples choose not to match their wedding bands so that they may customize their rings to their personal style and preferences.

For the bride, she may want a band covered in diamonds that complements her engagement ring, while the groom may want an alternative metal. Many modern guys are partial to sleek metal bands or a band with an ornate design. Shiny black is even becoming a popular color for men's wedding bands.

Even if your bands aren't identical, they can still share a similar theme. A couple could use the same metal type. They could also share similar design elements or even custom design rings that interlock like a puzzle when brought together.

No matter your choice, make sure it is true to you as a couple and you won't regret your wedding band choices.

His and Hers Wedding Bands

Zales carries an extensive selection of wedding bands. Modern wedding bands come in metals like titanium, cobalt and stainless steel. Of course, there are always the traditional options like gold, platinum and sterling silver. With Zales, you can even create a custom or personalized wedding band. Shop our collection of wedding bands online at or at your local Zales store.

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