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Men's Wedding Band Style Guide

How to Choose Men's Wedding Bands

On the wedding day, the groom should feel just as pampered as the partner they love. So when it comes time to walk down the aisle, his wedding ring should make him feel special. That's why we say forget generic! From traditional styles to extravagant designs, it's time to give the groom’s wedding ring the attention it deserves.

Men’s wedding band styles come in a variety of ring shapes, metals, finishes, and even designs with dazzling diamonds. Learn about each element that goes into men’s wedding bands, how to coordinate as a couple, and finally choose the ring he’s always wanted.


Shop Rounded Wedding Bands for Men


Rounded wedding band (also referred to as domed or d-shaped) have a rounded exterior profile and a flat interior. The rounded edges are popular with traditional men’s wedding band styles, plus this ring shape is typically more comfortable to wear.
Shop Flat Wedding Bands for Men


With a flat wedding band both the exterior and interior of the ring are, as it says, flat. Flat wedding bands can look more modern and are a better option if you want an engravable wedding band.

Try an Alternative Approach

When you think of a wedding band, an image of a gleaming gold or silver ring may pop into your head. While these traditional metals are beautiful, they are not the only options. Alternative metals tend to be more durable than your standard jewelry metals and are a great way to make a groom’s wedding ring unique. Popular non-traditional material choices include:
Shop Stainless Steel Wedding Bands for Men

Stainless Steel

Silverly stainless steel is a wonderful alternative to sterling silver, is incredibly durable, and is a great choice for a cost-effective men’s wedding band.
Shop Titanium Wedding Bands for Men


Titanium in slate gray or black gives groom’s wedding rings a modern look and has a higher strength for extra durability. But, be aware that this tough metal cannot be resized.
Shop Tungsten Wedding Bands for Men


Tungsten carbide in steely gray or black is the heaviest alternative metal. Its natural weight gives wedding bands a more expensive feel. Just like titanium, this tough metal cannot be resized.
Shop Cobalt Wedding Bands for Men


Cobalt can replicate the natural white look and feel of a brilliant white gold ring, but often costs less when used for men’s wedding band styles.
Shop Silicone Wedding Bands for Men


When you have a hands-on job or are heading to the gym, you may not want to put your metal wedding band at risk. With a silicone wedding band in its place, you can still have the feeling of wearing your wedding band when you cannot wear the real deal.

Finishes that Suit Your Fancy

Men’s wedding rings almost always feature a wider band, so the material and finish will make a large style impact. Unlike women’s wedding bands, men’s bands have more options to choose from whether you want that traditional ultra-polished look or other more contemporary finishes. Popular men’s wedding band finishes include:
Shop High-Gloss Wedding Bands for Men


Polished to for a gleaming result, high-gloss is one of the most popular finish styles and will match most women’s wedding band styles.

Shop Satin Wedding Bands for Men


Some men find high-gloss finishes to be too flashy and reflective. A satin finish tones down a brighter shine into a soft and subtle shimmer.

Shop Matte Wedding Bands for Men


A matte finish completely flattens a ring’s reflective surface. Understated and elegant, with matte finishes you can still enjoy the color of your metal band without the shine.

Love Diamonds?
So Does He!

Shop Diamond Wedding Bands for Men
Diamonds are increasingly popular for men's wedding band styles. There are plenty of options, with some men’s wedding rings with diamonds set directly into the ring, and others designed with a single center diamond, a center row of diamonds, or even a stylish pavé look that wraps around the entire band.

Add Color with a Gemstone or Birthstone

Shop Gemstone Wedding Bands for Men
Gemstones can add a flash of color and personality. For a little something blue, sapphires are a popular choice for men’s wedding bands. Plus, you can always choose to create a custom ring with gemstones you love or the birthstones of you and your partner.

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