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Choose Your Wedding Band For Comfort, Too

A comfortable fit is key. After all, you'll wear it every day.

The Right Wedding Band Has to do More Than Dazzle

A sparkling engagement ring might be left aside sometimes for many reasons. But both of you are likely to wear your wedding bands daily, so fit and feel are truly important.

It starts with your choice of metal. Any jeweler will professionally size your rings, ranging from a classic gold band, in 18K, 14K or 10K yellow, white or rose gold — to platinum (harder and heavier than gold). Both are durable and can be resized. However, alternative metals like titanium, tungsten carbide or ceramic look great and are long-wearing, but can't be resized.

Think About Comfort in Other Ways, Too

It can be surprising how much the width, actual shape of the ring and even your fingers, can affect fit and comfort. For example:
  • Classic rings have a straight interior edge that can pinch, especially in wider or thicker styles. Wide bands can dig in when you flex fingers or carry something. And they can be harder to remove.
  • Some rings are more metal in the interior, allowing outside edges to curve. This can reduce pressure points.
  • Etched details on the edges, like milgrain, can be uncomfortable for some. If that's you, opt for a smooth edge.

Choose a Comfort-Fit Ring

Many ring styles, especially men's styles, are now created with a comfort fit.

A comfort-fit ring features a domed interior instead of a flat interior. The diameter of at the center is slightly smaller than the edges of the ring, so it puts less pressure on the finger. It's a small design change, but it can really make a big difference to the wearer.

Additionally, comfort-fit bands are perfect for men because they can easily fit over larger knuckles.

You'll be wearing this symbol for a long time. So try on different rings, ask about comfort-fit, and be sure to take your time when making this most-important decision.

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