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Summer Jewelry Trends

Summer jewelry differs from fall and winter jewelry. It's lighter, more colorful, even a bit more delicate looking. We scoured the fashion runways and took a deep dive into designer offerings to bring you the hottest summer looks in fine jewelry.

Get Fresh With Florals

Who doesn't love flowers? Flowers make any day a little brighter, and any attire look a little more fresh and feminine. Flower-themed jewelry is a hot trend for summer — and has been for a while. But while summer is great for florals, it doesn't mean you should hide them away in fall or winter!

Flower-themed styles bring a touch of whimsy to any look. For instance, daisy-shaped studs or a gemstone-studded plumeria ring can take a simple sheath dress to another charming level. Flower jewelry accented with shimmering diamonds makes a sparkling statement and adds dimension to any look.

The freshest flower-themed styles are always available at Zales, perfect for bringing out your inner flower child! Shop our colorful garden of floral-inspired styles, including necklaces, earrings, rings and more, and select a bouquet that makes you happy.

Don't Let These Butterfly Styles Flutter By

There's a reason people everywhere love the butterfly. It's light, it's dainty, it's colorful, and it's a hot trend summer after summer.

Butterflies have long been a symbol of metamorphosis and new beginnings, which is why year after year, winter blues are banished by these symbols of new life and freshness.

Butterflies are perpetually popular in jewelry designs. Who couldn't love a butterfly pendant set with colorful gemstone wings? Butterfly wing pendants and earrings created with intricate, delicate filigree are a popular choice, as are sparkling diamond-lined designs.

Be on-trend this summer with butterfly-themed necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and more. You're sure to feel light, airy and fresh!

Summer Layers? Yes, Please!

Fashion designers might say layers are for the cooler weather — we say no way! Summer is a great time to layer on necklaces and make a smart style statement!

Layering necklaces is fairly straightforward. Start with a choker style or a necklace on a shorter chain — say 14" or 16" depending on your neck size. Then add necklaces of sequentially longer length, continuing to add until you've achieved a layered look you love.

It's okay to mix metal colors, gemstones and even add some charms into the mix. The only rule for layering is to make sure the layer you are currently adding is longer than the layer added previously.

You can find hundreds of layering necklace looks at your local Zales retail store and online at Look for this layering trend to carry through to fall and winter too. This trend doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

Pearls — A Summer Staple

Is there anything prettier than a sweeping floral dress paired with a simple strand of pearls? Add a pair of pearl stud earrings and it just feels like summer!

Pearls are a trend each summer, but especially this summer. Not just strands, but fanciful pearl drop earrings, layered pearl bracelets, over-sized pearl rings and even pearl necklaces are being seen on the most fashionable women everywhere — from the business place to an afternoon picnic at the beach.

Summer is the perfect time to get bring out the colored pearls. The ice-dreamy looks of pearls dyed precious pink, soft sky blue, buttery yellow and more add smart summer style to your look.

Luxurious and lovely, pearl jewelry is a go-to trend for you this summer.

When It Comes To Earrings, Bigger Is Better

Summer is the time to be seen and show off a little — and there's no better way to garner attention then with a pair of out-sized earrings.

Oversized hoops are a hot trend for summer. Big, bold and even lined with crystals, diamonds or gemstones, these earrings command attention. Bonus — If you have more than one piercing in your ears, you can wear even more hoops! You've probably seen this trend on the red carpet — and for good reason. This summer, big = glam — and it's not just hoops that are hot.

Large drops and chandelier earrings are meant to be seen as well! Imagine dancing the night away wearing a pair of sparkling chandeliers that brilliantly reflect light. Long, dangling drops are a summer fashion must-have. Hundreds of drops and chandeliers in a variety of styles, including diamond and gemstone looks, are available at Zales. Go ahead — rock this trend!

Anklets — Get That Leggy Look

Many jewelry design trends from the 1990s are back — and anklets are one of them! Ankle bracelets are a great way to make a fun style statement.

Ankle bracelets have been seen consistently on the runway and have exploded for summer. Perfect for showing off a summer tan, ankle bracelets have been seen paired with everything from casual kicks to workday heels to strappy sandals.

There's no single style that's trending, so choosing a favorite is up to the wearer. Sterling silver and all the colors of gold are always great choices, and styles range from simple chains to layered looks and designs adorned with charms or dangles. Get in on this fun trend! Find a good variety of smart and stylish ankle bracelets, sure to complement those cute summer fashions.

You're Getting Warmer: Yellow Gold Is Trending!

One of the trends that has consistently seen on the runway and the red carpet throughout the season is warm yellow gold. Is there any better way to show off a summer tan? We don't think so!

Yellow gold is incredibly versatile. It complements any skin tone but looks especially great on sun-kissed skin. And it's available in so many styles — including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and more.

Yellow gold styles are especially great for summer because gold is one of the least reactive metals on the market. Gold doesn't tarnish and can be worn without worry in humid or wet conditions. Gold styles make it easy to look effortlessly elegant all summer long.

This is one summer trend we can all get on board with. Show off your summer glow with warm yellow gold jewelry.

Zales — Your Source For Trending Jewelry Styles and More!

When it comes to the latest looks in fine fashion jewelry, Zales has you covered. We stay on top of the upcoming trends, so you can be sure that the looks you find in stores and online are fresh and innovative.

You can shop the latest trends anytime, day or night, online at Or stop by your local Zales retail store and get a trend update from a knowledgeable jewelry consultant. Find your fresh look for summer today!

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