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Find Your Signature Jewelry Style and Make a Statement

Stand up for your style and stand out with the right jewelry.

Jewelry May Be the Best Way to Complete Your Look

Feeling your best and taking your look to the next stylish level - that's the power of the right jewelry. It can speak volumes about your style, in a way that's uniquely you.

Want to hone your personal jewelry style? Read on.

Make it Count With One Type of Jewelry

One approach is to choose a signature piece or pieces. For example:
  • If you're going to wear only bracelets, make your signature a thin gold bangle, with or without charms, alone or stacked.
  • If you're choosing rings, perhaps wear several, all in the same metal. Or stack thin rings, channel-set with different colors of gemstones.

Bottom line: Stick with one type of jewelry, and make sure they're pieces you absolutely love.

Focus On One Element, Such as Gold or Pearls

Find the one thing that all your jewelry can feature.

Be the pearl girl with:
  • Long layers of cultured pearls
  • A large South Sea pearl ring
  • Freshwater pearl bracelets
  • Vintage pearl pins

Or maybe your element is your metal of choice. This unifies your jewelry, making it easier to coordinate and wear together. Mix a gold bangle with a gold charm bracelet and a gold signet ring, and you've gone eclectic without going over the top.

Make One Style Yours, From Classic to Post-Modern

Maybe you tend to go vintage. Or classic. Or slightly punk. Whatever, extend your look through jewelry.
  • Preppy? Stick to pearls and monograms in gold.
  • Rocker? Mix diamonds with leather and lots of different chains.
  • Vintage? Turn to family heirlooms and old-style new jewelry that can feature anything from filigree to gemstones.

Stick to One Piece

If you're a minimalist who doesn't like to fuss, invest in one signature piece — and wear it every day. Yes, it's a bold look. And because of that, it's super memorable. For example:
  • A big, bold hammered gold cuff
  • Pearls worn in multiple strands around your neck
  • A ring set with a large chunky gemstone

Use your imagination. And whatever your style, enjoy the jewelry that best expresses you.

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