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Earrings Style & Buying Guide

Earrings Style & Buying Guide

Earrings have been worn across cultures for thousands of years serving as anything from a decorative adornment to a protective talisman. Today, earrings can be an everyday staple, an accessory for a special occasion, or a meaningful gift commemorating a significant anniversary or relationship milestone.

Our earring style guide is here to help you navigate your options and select the perfect earrings - whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone special.

Earring Styles

For jewelry lovers, one pair of earrings is never enough. Stock your collection with equal parts must-haves and statement makers so you always have the perfect pair for any occasion. Here are the most common earring styles to shop.


Size: Can vary from really wide to small tight circles
Trademark: Round sweeping circles
Occasion: Day or night. A larger hoop may be more appropriate for a more casual event or with jeans. Smaller hoops are more appropriate for business or social occasions.


Size: Small to medium in size
Trademark: Delicate, simple, and classic
Occasion: Studs work for all occasions. They are considered an essential in any jewelry wardrobe.

Dangles, Drops and Chandeliers

Size: Ranges from short to shoulder-kissing. Can also be wide, narrow, or gradually flare toward the bottom
Trademark: Elegant sway, sparkle and movement
Occasion: Usually a formal or semi-formal event. However, dangles or chandeliers can be paired with more casual styles to elevate your look.


Size: Medium
Trademark: Extends up along the ear
Occasion: This style is versatile and tends to get noticed. While it works with a dressed-down look, it's ideal for turning up the edge and glamour.


Size: Medium/Large
Trademark: Designs on both the front and back of the styles
Occasion: These styles are guaranteed to get noticed. With designs on both the front and back of the earring, these styles are perfect for most any occasion from casual to business to more formal occasions.

Types of Closure

Earring closures should be functional, but they can also be fashionable. Here are the most common types of earring closures to be aware of when you’re shopping for your next pair of earrings.

Post push backs: Used with post earrings like studs. They secure the earring to the back of the ear.

Screw backs: Used with studs and are commonly found on higher-end post earrings, like diamond studs, and on children's earrings for security reasons. They screw on to the back of a threaded post, securing the earring to the ear.

Hinge/Omega back: Post hoops and other styles will often feature a hinge finished with an open "O"‐shaped lock that secures the style.

Latch: Often found on hoop earrings, these earrings feature a hinged post that snaps into a "U"‐shaped lock at the back of the style.

French wire: Resemble fishhooks. They pass through the pierced earlobe and the earring itself holds in place. Occasionally, small rubber stoppers are slid up the back of the earring to provide additional security.

Snap-lock: Has a hinged piece of metal that goes through the ear and snaps into the latch on the opposite side of the earring.

Shopping For Earrings

As you’re building the earring collection of your dreams, here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you’re choosing quality pieces that you’ll love for years to come.

Type of metal: Many people are allergic to certain metals like nickel and cobalt. Higher carat gold (18K and above) is made with a lower percentage of other metal alloys and sterling silver and platinum are hypoallergenic. While these metals may be a little more expensive, it’s worth it to not have to worry about having a reaction.

Trends: It’s safe to say some styles like gold and diamond studs or simple gold hoops are classics that will never go out of fashion. Balance your collection with timeless options as well as trendy pieces to ensure you always have a pair that fits the occasion.

Occasion: While a simple pair of gold studs or hoops are a go-to everyday look, there are some occasions that might call for a little more sparkle. Think diamond studs for an anniversary gift, gemstone chandeliers for a pop of color, or even delicate crawlers for a unique look that is just your own.

Jewelry Care

The perfect earring collection won’t happen overnight. As you explore new trends, add meaningful pieces, and find new favorites, keep in mind that each piece of jewelry may have unique care requirements. Explore our jewelry cleaning and storage tips to ensure your earring collection maintains its sparkle.

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