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Quick Guide: Selecting the Right Anniversary Band

Whether it's your first anniversary or your fiftieth, an anniversary band is the perfect gift idea to celebrate this special occasion. Wondering what anniversary band to select? Start with these simple considerations.

Determine How She'll Wear the Band

The first thing to figure out is the way she plans to wear her anniversary band. This decision will determine the other considerations to follow. There are three main ways they can be worn:
  1. In a stack with her wedding and engagement ring on the same finger.
  2. As a replacement to her wedding band, or even her engagement ring. Some couples use an anniversary as an opportunity to upgrade the original wedding diamonds higher-carat stones.
  3. Alone on a different finger or the opposite hand.

The Fit Factor

If the plan is for the band to be worn on the same finger as her other rings, you'll need to make sure it fits with them. Just as her wedding band needed to be fitted to accommodate her engagement ring, the anniversary band must be made to nest comfortably as well. Work with your jeweler to find the right band specifications to create the perfect stack.

Create a Cohesive Style

You'll need to make sure the anniversary band complements her other rings. For instance, if her engagement and wedding rings have a particular style or theme, you'll want this band to reflect those elements as well. You'll want to consider metal type, stone color, stone size, and general style. If she plans to wear the band apart from her wedding rings, it is less crucial that the anniversary band be in perfect harmony with her other rings. Still, you'll want this ring to be in keeping with her style.

Anniversary Rings Honor Him as Well

On your special day, it is always appropriate to honor him with an anniversary ring as well. Men's anniversary rings are growing in popularity. Many may consider simply upgrading his wedding band to something special with diamonds or gemstones. Just as you consider her style when choosing an anniversary ring, consider his. An anniversary ring for him is an elegant and meaningful way to celebrate your relationship.

Find the Perfect Style

Zales has been known as The Diamond Store for nearly 100 years. We carry hundreds of exquisite anniversary rings for both him and her. Browse our expanded collection of anniversary rings online at, or shop with a knowledgeable jewelry consultant at your local Zales Jewelers retail store.

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