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Be the Bride Who Goes Non-Traditional

If Your Personal Style Is Outside the Box, Your Engagement Ring Can Be Too.

Think Unique, with Color Gemstones, Mixed Metal Bands, Unusual Designs and Much More

There are so many ways to personalize your ring and make a bold statement, from organic, nature-inspired designs to beautiful color, and even custom-created designs. But it's nice to know that you don't need to go custom to go non-traditional.

Discover What Makes a Distinctive Ring.

How far you steer from tradition is up to you. Just remember there are no real rules except one: The ring should suit the bride-to-be's style.

The stone – A clear white diamond is the traditional choice, but a colored diamond, from yellow and brown and pink to green and blue, can work beautifully in any setting. Or choose a gemstone birthstone for any month that has special meaning for you.

There's no reason you need to choose a large center stone, either. A series of smaller-sized stones in pavé, channel or bar settings can be gorgeous and unique.

The metal – Yellow gold has been the most popular for years. But white gold and platinum are becoming just as prevalent. Think about rose gold too, or mix metals for a two-tone approach. One other idea: opt for a matte finish on a traditional metal.

Learn More Ways to Break the Mold

The band design offers many ways to gain a unique-to-you style. You could go:
  • Modern and contemporary — Strong, polished lines, diagonals and asymmetry add an air of modernity.
  • Surprisingly subtle — Flip the script with a pear-shaped diamond lying on its side, or a thin, brushed metal band with small diamonds set vertically.
  • Natural and organic — Get inspired by nature, with a twig ring motif, vines, knots or flowers, such as a band that looks like a stem with diamonds arranged as "flowers."

Tell Your Own Story

If you're ready to take a very different approach, stack different rings together. Start with a diamond engagement band and:
  • Stack one or two gemstone bands on either side, in the color of the month you met and the color of your engagement month.
  • Add the wedding band in the color of your wedding month.
  • Continue the tradition with bands for significant anniversaries, or life events like a new baby.
  • Consider nature-inspired motifs, brushed metal or different colors.

Your engagement ring is only limited by your imagination. So set it free, and truly celebrate your own personal style.

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