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Choosing the Right Color Gold for Your Skin Tone

Choosing the Right Color Gold for Your Skin Tone

Have you ever stumbled across the “perfect” piece jewelry? And when you put it on, something isn’t quite right? We have too! Here are our tips for taking the guesswork out of finding what color of gold works best with your skin tone. We think this info is worth its weight in gold!

Different Gold Colors Complement Different Skin Tones

The key to choosing the right gold to complement your skin tone is easier than you may think — it just takes a peek under the skin. There is no hard and fast rule to determine what skin tone you have, but there are some clues to help figure it out. The main goal is to work with your natural skin tone, and not against it. By learning what gold works best with your skin type, you can shop your favorite styles confident you’ll know it will look fantastic.

Finding Your Skin Tone

Undertones are the colors beneath the skin. To identify yours, take a look at your veins. Virtually everyone will fall into one of the following three buckets: warm, cool or neutral. Once you identify yours it’s easy to find the shade of gold that looks best on you. To find your tone, take a look at your wrist.

  • Greenish-hued veins signal warm undertones
  • Blue or purple-colored veins point to cool undertones
  • Seemingly colorless or invisible veins suggest neutral undertones

You’ve Found Your Skin Tone, Now Find Your Gold Color

Once you’ve discovered your skin’s undertones, choosing the color of gold that complements it best is easy.

Yellow Gold

Warm Undertones, Warm Yellow Gold

Embrace those earthy undertones and yellow gold will look amazing on you! Yellow gold is experiencing a renaissance right now. This sunny tone makes is lovely on its own, but also lets warm gemstones like emerald, citrine and smoky quartz shine. Shop yellow gold jewelry styles to find the warm gold a look that speaks to you.

White Gold

Cool Undertones, Cool White Gold

White gold suits cool skin tones best by flattering those pink and bluish undertones. It also pairs well with vibrant, cool-hued gemstones like amethyst, blue sapphire and garnet. From simple hoops to intricate diamond-cut chains, shop white gold jewelry styles to find a cool new look to love.

Rose Gold

Neutral Undertones, Blush Rose Gold

With its versatility in complementing both warm and cool skin tones, rose gold is stylish - and romantic! The soft blush-pink hue beautifully complements any skin tone – and if you’re a fan of vintage-inspired designs, this gold color is perfect for you. Discover a new world of color and romance when you shop our selection of rose gold jewelry.

One Final Thought - Our Golden Rule

There isn’t a definitive manual on how to wear gold colors and guidelines are just that – guidelines. Ultimately the choice is yours. If you find a jewelry style you love in any color, wear it, love it, mix it, layer it and flaunt it and you’ll be ‘gold’ to go!

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