Going from a shared lease, to a shared last name. From evening walks, to walking down the aisle. The signs are everywhere. It’s time to pop the question. And together, we’ll make that happen this Poptober.

What is Poptober? Poptober is that little tiny nudge some partners need in order to pop the big question. And we're talking about the "Will you marry me?" question - not what should we order in for dinner tonight! Poptober is a great time for a proposal - and here's why!

It Shows You’re Paying Attention to the Signs There are all kinds of little clues or signs that lead to the decision to pop the question. Some of these signs are obvious, some are much more subtle. Have you noticed that...

And the most important sign of all: You can't imagine living without her. It doesn't matter whether you've been together for several years or only a few months. These signs and other little hints are signals that it's time to pop the question!

Why Poptober?
The question should be: Why NOT PoPtober? You've already been thinking about getting engaged. Maybe you've even talked about it. Maybe you've been shopping for rings or thinking about a ring budget. Maybe she's been dropping little hints about timing. Maybe your Mother has been dropping bigger hints!

Major Life-changing Decision Made.
What's Next?

Major Life-changing Decision Made.
What's Next?

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Ring Styles

What's her engagement ring style?

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What are the 4 Cs?

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How much should I spend?

You Can Count on Zales
Your Zales Jewelry Consultant knows exactly how to help you find the perfect ring for the one you love. They will walk you through exactly what to look for in a diamond, show you options that will work with your budget and even assist with financing the ring, if that’s what you need. We know that the stressful part is the actual proposal, so we want to make getting the engagement ring an easy process.

What should you do next? Well, you can simply stop by your local Zales retail store and talk to a jewelry consultant. Or, if you have some ring styles in mind, go ahead and book an appointment. You can rest assured that your Zales Jewelry Consultant will be prepped and ready to spend all the time you need with you to finalize your selection.

Ready... Set... POP the Question!
Whether you pop the question in a big, over-the-top production or during a small, intimate moment, be ready to share your news with us! Take a selfie or share your photos on our Instagram with the hashtags #Poptober and #LoveZales. We'd love to share your happy moment with you!

Ready to POP the question?

Find the perfect engagement ring.