Peridot Perfection – August’s Verdant Birthstone

The gem of expression and spirit, the peridot is an ancient gem that dates back to ancient Egypt. Ignored for decades, this stunning spring-green gem is back in favor once again.

The Gem Of The Sun, The Evening Emerald

In Arabic it’s called “faridat,” in Hebrew it’s called “pitdah” - we call it peridot. The peridot gemstone, August’s birthstone, is one of the oldest gemstones known to man, with records dating back as early as 1500 B.C. Early records indicate that the ancient Egyptians mined peridot on an island in the Red Sea called Topazios, known today as St. John’s Island. These Egyptians referred to the peridot birthstone as the “gem of the sun.” Ancient Romans called it “evening emerald,” since its color didn’t darken at night. The peridot gemstone is both a day and a night stone, and keeps its shining color in various environments, even under artificial lighting. Peridot was also used to decorate medieval churches. Leaders who wore peridot were considered to be gentle, fair and wise.

Some historians actually believe that Cleopatra’s famous emerald collection might have been peridot. We won’t know for sure, but considering how much the Egyptians valued the peridot, it’s definitely possible. In ancient beliefs, the peridot was a gift from Mother Nature to celebrate the creation of a new world. Ancients also believed that the peridot birthstone was brought to earth by a sun’s explosion, and that it carries the sun’s healing power.

Warm, Refined, Out-Of-This-World Elegance

Surprisingly, the ancients weren’t far off. The peridot is associated with the sun and has strong ties to space. Peridot has been discovered on Mars and on the moon in its natural olivine form. It’s found in lava, meteorites and deep in the earth’s mantle. Peridot is the only other gemstone, besides the diamond, to be formed in molten rock of the upper mantle, not in the earth’s crust like most. It is brought to the earth’s surface by the enormous forces of earthquakes and volcanoes.

The peridot gemstone is a variety of the mineral olivine, and most peridot stones with the finest color come from Myanmar and Pakistan. With the name being so similar to a common food, I’m sure you can guess what color olivine, and therefore peridot, is – green. It’s one of few gemstones that can be found in only one color. But, just because it’s only found in green, doesn’t mean all peridots are the same. Shades of peridot range from light yellowish-green to a dark brownish-green. The most desired and valued peridot color is a deep, rich green without a hint of yellow or brown. Although peridot maintains its color and shine in many different lights and environments, the peridot birthstone looks best under natural light. That’s when it can really sparkle.

Bringer Of Health, Wealth And Love

Being associated with the sun, peridot has a lot of amazing attributes and representations. August’s birthstone has been valued since the earliest of civilizations for its protective powers to drive away any dark forces. The peridot aids in overcoming fear and depression and is also known to calm anger. It is said to release jealousy, resentment and spite so that you can move forward from these negative feelings in a healthy and positive way. A symbol of strength, peridot represents warmth and prosperity, and is said to bring abundance in all areas of your life, including wealth, health, happiness and love.

A Lush And Luxurious Option

Wearing the beautiful peridot birthstone can help make these attributes apart of your daily life. Peridot set in gold is said to bring peaceful sleep, especially for those who suffer from reoccurring nightmares. Wearing August’s birthstone is also a token of luck, and as a sun stone, helps protect against any personal darkness. This gorgeous gemstone can be cut in a variety of different distinct shapes such as oval-cut, emerald-cut and cushion-cut for a jewelry piece that really stands out. It looks beautiful accompanied by any precious metal, but wearing peridot set in white gold or sterling silver really allows this gemstone to shine.