Get to Know Rings

Learn about the different parts of a ring

What Makes a Ring

The head and the claw
Starting at the top, you have the head of the ring. This can also be called the setting. As you may know, there are different types of settings that hold a gemstone or pearl in place. Learn more about specific settings here. "Head" often refers to the entire top of the ring - the particular setting and the gem as one unit.

The claw is the set of prongs that secure the gemstone in the setting. While the setting itself provides ample support, the claw ensures your precious gemstone remains firmly fixed.

The band and the shoulder
The band, or shank, is the "ring" portion of the ring. The band should be appropriately sized to fit your finger. Bands come in a variety of styles from plain to pavé.

The shoulder is a component of the ring you may not even realize is there. Similar to your shoulder, this is the area between the head and the band. For the most part, this area is unadorned, but there are a few designs that showcase the shoulder, such as a cathedral setting.