Glorious Garnet – A Refreshing Start To The Year

January is the month for a fresh start, new beginnings and positivity. Starting New Years Day, we’ve all made resolutions of things we want to implement, change or create. This is the time when a lot of people take on new journeys in different aspects of their lives. For this month, you need a stone that will help channel positivity and success. Enter garnet. January’s birthstone is ready to help you make all of your resolutions a reality.

A Stone Of Many Colors

The garnet birthstone is a sight to behold. This deep, dark red is intriguing, eye-catching and a stunning addition to any jewelry piece. Garnet actually comes in a variety of colors including orange, yellow, black and green, however the dark red version is the most widely known and what people assume when mentioning garnet. Another ode to its most popular color, the name garnet comes from the Medieval Latin word “granatum,” which translates to dark red. In addition to being January’s birthstone, garnet is also used to celebrate a 2nd wedding anniversary.

A Readily Available Gemstone

The garnet gemstone can be found all over the world, so no matter where you are, you shouldn’t have any issues finding a gorgeous garnet ring, necklace, earring set and more. A popular stone worn by a wide range of people, the garnet birthstone can be found complimenting the looks of celebrities and fashion influencers alike. This deep hue looks best against lighter colors and neutral tones to really allow its rich color to stand out.

A Colorful History

In addition to general positivity, the garnet birthstone is sometimes called the traveler’s stone. This originates from an old legend that says that Noah, of Noah’s Ark, had a garnet lantern to help him navigate his path during the nighttime. January’s birthstone is also said to promote successful business, facilitate compassion and aid in self-confidence, so if your New Years resolution is career oriented, you might want to consider wearing garnet for some mental clarity and guidance.

But we’re not the only ones who like to wear garnet, or should I say who “liked” to wear garnet. Egyptian pharaohs used garnet for both decorative and ceremonial purposes. The garnet birthstone was found in the jewelry of many Egyptian tombs and burials. In fact, a red garnet necklace was found in an old Egyptian tomb around 3800 B.C., making it more than 5,000 years old. We’re guessing when they found it, it needed a little dusting.

Ancient Romans also wore and traded garnet. If you’ve been following along with our gemstone articles, you’ve seen both ancient Egypt and ancient Rome mentioned many times as loving all kinds of gemstones. Both of these civilizations were decorated and adorned with these precious stones. Although many stones were used during this time, for the ancient Romans, the garnet was the most popular stone. Coincidently enough, ancient Rome is usually associated with red as one of their primary colors, so the garnet gemstone fits in perfectly.

Make A Brilliant Choice

Garnet jewelry is a thoughtful option for those celebrating a January birthday, or for those who believe the stone provides mental clarity and guidance. However, it’s also an all-around great choice for those who love its stunning red color.

Whatever your reason for wearing garnet, you’ll find an incredible collection of garnet rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more online at