Celebrate Her First Mother's Day Beautifully

Make it special – and set the right tone for all of the Mother's Days ahead.

It's Important to Mark This Very Important Day.

Maybe we can't help with the the best gift of all for new moms: some uninterrupted sleep! But we can certainly offer great Mother's Day ideas that make this first one extra special: beautiful jewelry.

First up, birthstones. Gift her with jewelry that holds the baby's birthstone, or perhaps an even more precious gift, jewelry that has all three of your birthstones. Think of bracelets, necklaces, even rings. These designs can be customized and even personalized with engraved names and/or birthdates.

Take Your Jewelry Style Cues From Her.

Not sure what she'd like most? Scope out what she currently has in her jewelry box. If she has a good number of basic chains, perhaps purchase a meaningful charm or a diamond drop. Diamond studs are always a welcome gift, as are diamond bracelets.

Maybe she'd like to make a statement. Consider engraving a necklace, pendant or charm for a bracelet with "Mom," "Love" or the baby's name (and birthdate), set with birthstones. You know best what she'd like to say.

Romantic moms appreciate hearts, in traditional or stylized shapes. Again, pendants and charms can also be engraved. And rings and bracelets also come in heart motifs, with or without birthstones.

Is she a minimalist? Go for a classic solitaire gemstone necklace, a simple round pendant set with birthstones, or a modern white gold bezel set with birthstones.

Build On Her Love.

Look ahead with a charm bracelet that you (and the baby, once the or she is old enough) can add to every year, on any special day. Modern charm bracelets have updated this favorite, taking it beyond the bracelets you may recall on your own mom or grandmother, with bead charm styles that can be strung along a sturdy chain or leather bracelet.

Whatever you give, remember that you both already have the greatest gift of all. Celebrate that, and her first Mother's Day will be beautiful indeed.