Shopping with Your Fiancée for an Engagement Ring

It may not be traditional, but it's the answer for many couples. Consider if shopping together may be right for you.

A Modern and Practical Approach

With so many options, it may be overwhelming and difficult to figure out exactly what she wants in an engagement ring. Making her part of the process is by no means an unheard-of way to pick the ring. Including her can be as deliberate as shopping together, or as simple as having an honest discussion about what she wants. This approach can still be romantic and quite a lot of fun.

A Sure Way to Get the Ring Right

The number one reason to shop with her for an engagement ring is to find the right style. A close second is securing the right fit. These two factors are the source of most issues when a bride-to-be doesn't like her ring. Avoid any snags by making decisions together with the help of a trusted jeweler.

A Sure Way to Get the Ring Right

Just because you shop together doesn't mean the thrill of popping the question has to be any less of a surprise. You could employ a number of strategies for your proposal:
  • Follow the proposal with a shopping trip: Schedule an appointment with a jeweler for after your planned proposal. This way, you'll give her the best of both worlds – a heart-felt surprise and the thrill of choosing her ring. Shopping could happen as soon as you pop the question, or even a week later. Rest assured, she will be incredibly excited, just make sure you plan ahead and set the right date and time for your appointment.
  • Use a temporary ring: We get it, you may insist on giving her something in the moment. This can be an opportunity to be cute or sentimental. Be whimsical and a little bit silly by giving her a lollipop ring as a placeholder. Or, you could use a significant ring you know she'll recognize. Maybe a ring from childhood or a family heirloom. Don't forget to mention her real ring is coming!

We're Here to Help

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