Have It Your Way: Personalize Your Engagement Ring

Choosing your own metal, gemstones and setting allows you to create a ring as unique as the two of you.

Yes, You Can Create Your Own Engagement Ring

Don't know the first thing about designing jewelry? Not to worry — with your jeweler's help, it really isn't difficult. And in the end, you'll have exactly the ring you've dreamed about, from main gemstone (usually but not always a diamond) to any additional stones, to how they're set, and in what metal band. Then you can customize further by engraving the date, your initials or other personal message.

Start With the Basics

Whether you begin with the center stone or the ideal setting, the choice is up to you. Either way can work just fine. Things to consider:
  • Gemstones – With diamonds, you'll want to consider the right shape, plus the right mix of the diamond 4Cs to suit your style and budget. Or you might prefer a colored diamond or a gemstone that represents your birthstone, the month of your first date, first kiss, or even simply a color you both love. Side stones can add color and personality too.
  • Setting – Think about your personal fashion style, and lifestyle too. Do you love vintage, or does it seem too fussy? Classic, modern, what speaks to you? Research online and bring your thoughts to the jewelry store, where you can try on various styles and see which one works.
  • Metals – A ring's color is one of its most striking aspects. Yellow gold is a perennial favorite, but white gold or platinum are also very popular and may suit your style better. And don't forget to look at rose gold and even two-tone or even tri-toned options, combining two or three colors of gold together.

Add Your Own Personal Touches

Go beyond customizing the basic elements of your ring. Here are some great ideas:
  • Engraving – The date of your wedding is a popular choice, but initials or a meaningful phrase can be lovely too. You can even add decorative engraving to the outside of some styles. Ask your jeweler.
  • Customize after the wedding – Why not engrave at your first anniversary instead of right away? You could also choose a design that allows you to add gemstones around the band at your five or 10-year anniversary.

Bottom line: Enjoy your design collaboration! Between the two of you and your jeweler, you'll end up with a result that's truly your own.

Zales Create Your Own Services

Zales has been known as The Diamond Store for newarly 100 years – and for good reason.

Should you choose to create a custom designed ring, we're here to help, both online and in stores.

Our Create Your Own program online allows you to choose your ring style and metal. You can then purchase a diamond from our selection of loose stones or purchase the setting alone.

Or, visit your local Zales retail store and work with a jewelry consultant to create a custom design. Using our software program, you will be able to see the ring come to life before your eyes – and even leave with a printed rendering of your design.

Whichever way you choose, a custom engagement ring design is just a few steps away!