Her Engagement Ring: How Do I Choose the Right One?

How will you know? Our checklist will help.

Choosing the perfect ring is important to both of you.

Like every guy getting engaged, you want to be a ring rock star. You really don't want to get this wrong. Relax — you'll know you've done it right if you:
  • Know her style. You've paid attention to her tastes, her Pinterest boards, what's in her jewelry box, her magazines. You even know if she prefers gold or platinum, modern or classic.
  • Know it will fit. Maybe you've "borrowed" a ring from her jewelry box to take to the jeweler. Or slipped one of her rings onto your own finger and noted where it stops. (Of course you can also make sure with a ring-sizing tool.)
  • Know the diamond is the right size for her. She might like the more subtle look of a smaller stone. Or maybe she covets a larger stone like she's seen on friends or celebrities. But remember, if she's very athletic or active, a larger stone might not be practical.

Consider What's Right for your Life Together

You're almost there. Now, ask yourself: Have I spent just the right amount? The old rule of thumb was to spend as much as three month's salary. But you decide what you can really afford. If you're sharing experiences or possibly saving for a home, that may be a more important goal for both of you than a big diamond.

If you've taken your time and gotten to know her tastes and wishes, you're sure to have chosen the perfect ring for her.

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