Creating a Custom Engagement Ring

Have a singular vision for your ring? Learn the process, pros and cons of custom design for your own special ring.

Make Sure Your Decision is Informed

A custom-designed ring has benefits:
  • Your ring will feel completely individual to you
  • A unique design is a real conversation starter, for years to come
  • You can create matching rings to symbolize who you are as a couple
But there are trade-offs:
  • You could pay up to three times more than a non-custom ring
  • It takes longer, usually at least several months
  • The jeweler, as expert, also has a say in the final design
  • Results are unpredictable; you won't see, touch and feel until the ring is done

Learn About the Process, Step by Step

  1. Sketch out your idea: Use jewelry stores, online images, even books to help articulate your vision
  2. Find the right jewelry designer: Perhaps your own jeweler has someone on-staff, or you can get referrals from family and friends. Ask to see past work, too.
  3. Collaborate effectively by viewing sketches and mock-ups, and be sure to voice your thoughts
  4. Protect yourself: Get everything in writing, and pay attention to warranties and guarantees

Creating a Ring at Zales

You can create a custom ring for the one you love online at or along with a knowledgeable jewelry consultant at one of our local stores. Using either option, we make it easy for you to find the right diamond and create the ring of her dreams.