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Cobalt Jewelry Buying Guide

About Cobalt

Cobalt Cobalt

What is Cobalt?

Cobalt is an alternative metal that has gained popularity in contemporary jewelry design, from necklaces and bracelets to wedding rings. It is extremely durable, and has a natural white luster, comparable to white gold and platinum, which makes it a popular choice for men’s and women’s jewelry.

Cobalt vs. Stainless Steel

Cobalt is often compared to another common metal, stainless steel. Stainless steel is used in everything from cookware to wearables like chain necklaces and watches. However, cobalt jewelry is much harder to scratch than stainless steel and requires less care over time. Cobalt’s strength and durability make it a great choice for people who want beautiful jewelry without all the upkeep. So, if you’re looking for a metal with lasting strength, you can’t get much better than cobalt.

Cobalt History

Cobalt is a contemporary metal. It was first discovered and named in 1739 by chemist Swedish George Brandt. Cobalt is generally an industrial metal, used in everything from surgical tools to jet plane engines, but there is more to this metal than just strength.

Cobalt also has a connection with art world. Pigments in artists’ paints are usually crafted from minerals and ores. As new metals are discovered, they can be used to create distinct color shades. This was the case for cobalt. After cobalt’s discovery, chemist Louis Jacques-Thenard found a way to create a new pigment with the metal, called cobalt blue. The color became instantly popular with artists at the time. A prime example is Vincent Van Gogh, who used cobalt blue heavily in his works. You can see cobalt blue all over Van Gogh’s most iconic painting "The Starry Night."

Cobalt Characteristics

Alternative metals are defined by their modern sensibility and industrial style. Review cobalt jewelry’s key characteristics and see if this metal is right for you.


Cobalt jewelry is harder than the precious metals gold, silver, and platinum. Its durability and strength make it mostly scratch-resistant.


Cobalt’s most common color is a metallic bright white, but it also can be black, or even oxidized for a unique dark texture and finish.


Cobalt jewelry has a medium weight. It feels similar to precious metals like platinum.

The Facts on Cobalt

Looking for unique wedding rings, and want to know the facts about cobalt? Here’s our summary:

High luster and similar appearance to white gold Its strength makes it difficult to resize
Easy to maintain and hypoallergenic Too strong for traditional engraving
Durable and scratch-resistant Less intrinsic value compared to precious metals

Cobalt Care

Alternative metals like cobalt are popular because they are easier to maintain. However, there still are some care basics we recommend following. Store all jewelry separately in a lined box or soft pouch to avoid scratching or being scratched. You can maintain cobalt’s shine by cleaning it under warm running water with a mild soap.

Shop Cobalt Jewelry

Explore jewelry designs featuring the alternative metal, cobalt. Cobalt jewelry’s lustrous shine and brilliant color endures in styles for men and women.

Men’s Cobalt Jewelry

Cobalt jewelry is crafted to last over time. Find men’s cobalt jewelry you will treasure today, and in years, to come.


All Cobalt Jewelry

Enjoy the luxury of cobalt and explore the beautiful range of jewelry made with this alternative metal.


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