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Chains: Link in and layer up with chain styles ranging from dainty and delicate to bold and chunky. Shop all chains.

Chain Types

Box Chains
Box link chains feature squared links and connect in a smooth, flowing look.
Curb/Cuban Chains
Curb/Cuban chains feature wide and flat oval-shaped links.
Rope Chains
Rope chains are popular, featuring slender links arranged with a twisting finish.
Wheat Chains
Wheat or Spiga chains feature closely woven links that look like grains of wheat.
Bead Chains
Bead chains are made with hollow spheres connected by dumbbell-shaped links.
Cable Chains
A simple, classic, and durable cable chain comprises flattened, oval-shaped links.
Figaro Chains
A Figaro chain features a design of two or three short links joined by one long.
Franco Chains
Two to four Curb necklaces are placed flat and interwoven with “V” shaped links.
Singapore Chains
A Singapore chain marries the look of a curb with a rope in a cleverly twisting chain.
Herringbone Chains
Herringbone chain features short, level, parallel links arranged in an offset pattern.
Rolo Chains
Rolo chain features round links on the outside pared with flattened links on the inside.
Snake Chains
Snake chain features curved plates woven with thin links to form a flexible tube.
Chain Length
Chain Length
Chain lengths will vary due to neck size. Most chain necklaces start at 14" and can range to 36" or longer, making them great for mixing and layering.
Chain Width
Chain Width
Chain width is measured in millimeters. A small millimeter chain is daintier and often paired with pendants or charms. A larger millimeter chain offers a bolder, chunkier look.

Shop By Metal Type

From gold to silver to stainless steel and more, find chains in the metal type that's right for you.
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