Six Sweet Valentine's Day Proposal Ideas

Valentine's Day, the most romantic day of the year, is a great day to get engaged. Here are six sweet ideas to sweep her off her feet and to create an unforgettable Valentine's Day proposal.

A Romantic Countdown

Spread all the love you hold in your heart over a course of fourteen magical days! Beginning on February first, begin giving her a series of small gifts. It can be as simple as a pair of cute red socks or gloves, or a heart-themed mug filled with her favorite beverage. Each day, give her one little, thoughtful gift. On Valentine's Day, plan a special dinner in or make a reservation at your favorite restaurant. After you dine, get down on one knee and propose as your final and most meaningful gift.

A Charming Countdown

This is a great alternative countdown that requires a little more effort, but the results will definitely be worth it. Beginning on the first day of February, give her an empty charm bracelet. Then each day for the next twelve days, present her a charm that symbolizes a shared moment or memory to add. On last day, Valentine's Day, give her with a heart-shaped charm that says "Marry me!" Or, go big and instead of a charm, present her with an engagement ring.

Make It Super Sweet

Traditional Valentine's Day gifts are roses and chocolates. Take your gift of boxed chocolate to another level by replacing one of the chocolates with a diamond engagement ring. In many cities, there are chocolatiers who would be happy to create a custom box of chocolates and center the ring atop one of their tasty confections. Imagine the surprise - plus chocolate!

24 Hours of Love

Another countdown idea, this takes place over a single 24 hour period. Plan this day with the end in mind, and work backward. A full 24 hours before you propose, call, text or send her a sweet note welcoming her to your 24 Hours of Love. Then, every hour, send a sweet email, text, or message reminding her of your love. At the final hour, meet. Surprise her with the ring on bended knee. Sure to be the best 24 hours of her life!

The Scavenger Hunt

Take her on a ride down memory lane with a scavenger hunt! Create clues that take her to the places where you've created memories together: the place where you had your first date, your first kiss, your first dance, etc. You can end the hunt with her finding the last clue – where to find YOU on bended knee with the grand prize – her engagement ring!

Heart to Heart to Heart

If you're already together and sharing a home, this might be a fun way to take the next step. Gather up some of those tiny and colorful conversation hearts (you may need a LOT!) and lay them end to end, creating a candy-lined path from the front door to the spot where you are down on one knee with her engagement ring at the ready. What a cute and romantic way to express your love!

The trick to a great Valentine's Day proposal is preparation! Whether you go big or go small, a well-thought out plan is sure to lead to the ultimate success – a big YES!

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