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Ana-Dig: A watch with both an analog and digital display. The analog display has a traditional dial with hour, minute and, sometimes, second hands. The digital display shows the time numerically with a liquid-crystal display.

Bezel: The upper portion of the watch that encircles the face and holds the crystal. In some cases it contains an extra ring to beautify the case or a rotating ring with a special function.

Bracelet: Also known as the watchband, it is the part of the watch that goes around the wrist. Can be made of metal, leather or other material.

Cabochon: Used to indicate a smooth round or oval convex shaped polished gemstone. In watch terminology, it describes a decorative stone set in the watch crown.

Case: The outside shell that houses the moving parts of the watch. It is always made of a durable material and often sealed to some degree to provide water protection.

Chronograph: A stopwatch function sometimes built into a wristwatch.

Crown: Small round serrated knob usually located at the 3 o'clock position. Some people refer to it as a winder, as it once was used to wind the spring in clockwork watches. Today it is normally used to set the time when pulled outward and rotated.

Crystal: The transparent protective covering fitted tightly over the face of the watch. It is held in place by the bezel. May be made from plastic, glass or synthetic sapphire.

Dial: The face of an analog watch, where the numbers are usually displayed.

Gasket: A rubber or plastic ring that seals the internal works of the watch against dust, moisture and water.

Gold Plating: An application of gold over the surface of an item. Gold plating is used to manufacture watches that have the look of gold at a fraction of the price.

Jewels: Small hard gemstones used in certain moving parts of some mechanical watches. They are used in sensitive parts of the machinery because they are smooth and very durable, helping the watch stay accurate and last longer.

Liquid-crystal Display (LCD): A digital display where the numbers are formed in a liquid layer sandwiched between a pair of clear crystals.

Movement: The means by which a watch keeps time, often including the power source. For example, a watch with mechanical movement uses a spinning balance wheel powered by a tightly wound spring, whereas a watch with quartz movement measures the vibrations in a piece of quartz and often is powered by a battery.

Stainless Steel: The metal of choice used to make high quality watchcases and bracelets because it is durable and can withstand more wear and tear than a similar watch in brass or gold. It is also hypoallergenic because it doesn't contain nickel.

Solar Tech: Solar powered quartz watch. This technology provides the accuracy of quartz, without the inconvenience and cost of regular battery changes.

Titanium: Titanium is one of the lightest and strongest metals on earth and is used to make top-end watchcases and bracelets. It is extremely durable and is hypoallergenic.

Water Resistance: Describes the level of protection a watch has from water damage.