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The name Lapis Lazuli is derived from the Latin 'lapis' meaning "stone", and the Persian 'lazhward' meaning blue.

Elders in ancient times referred to Lapis Lazuli as "a fragment of the starry firmament" in admiration of its deep blue color and twinkling gold pyrite inclusions.

Lapis Lazuli has long been considered a stone of truth and friendship that can enhance awareness, insight and intellect. It has also been deemed a stone of peace and harmony, and self-awareness and enlightenment.

Color Description
Lapis Lazuli has long been admired for its intense deep blue color, with less desirable shades ranging through light grayish blue, to greenish blue, to a dark violet blue. Lapis Lazuli is rated at 5 to 6 on the Moh's Scale of Hardness. Lapis should be worn and stored with care to avoid any permanent damage to the stone.