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Like many others with odd monikers, the name Chrome Diopside doesn't do this gemstone justice. A relatively rare, yet modestly priced gemstone, Chrome Diopside is known for its rich green, almost emerald-like, color. Diopside is believed to be a creative stone, increasing creative visualization and helping to manifest desired goals. It has also been said that Diopside can improve the wearer's intellect, particularly with regards to mathematical and analytical abilities.

Chrome Diopside
Color Description
Diopside is most often bottle-green in color, though it can be found colorless, brown, black, violet-green, and blue colors. The two most well-known varieties of Diopside are the emerald-green-like Chrome Diopside and the Black Star Diopside. Diopside is rated at 5.5 on Moh's Scale of Hardness and though it is suitable for jewelry purposes, care should be taken with this stone for it is relatively soft and brittle.