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Exclusively Ours - A Brilliant Selection of Exceptional Diamonds that Boldy Declare your love. The Celebration Diamond Collection - Created by Nature. Perfected by Zales.

Nature creates diamonds. Over millennia, under extreme pressure, three of their characteristics are established: the diamond's Color, Clarity and Carat size. These three aspects dictate a diamond's rarity and value. Only one aspect of a diamond's beauty is determined by man - how well it is cut. Cut is the key factor in determining a diamond's brilliance, fire and beauty.

At Zales, our mission is to extract the brilliance from each of our hand-selected diamonds through exacting cuts that can't be found anywhere else.

When Capturing Love's Light, We Didn't Waste a Single Facet.

If a diamond is cut too shallow, light leaks from the bottom; if cut too deeply, light won't reflect through the top. The Celebration Diamond Collection perfects this balance. Each cut in the collection intensifies and celebrates light in uniquely powerful and breathtakingly beautiful ways.

When a diamond is cut, up to half the original stone weight - or carat size - can be lost. And carat size affects price. So every diamond manufacturer is faced with a choice: do you cut to maximize carat weight or cut to maximize beauty? At Zales, there is no question.

In fact, every Zales Celebration diamond is so expertly cut, it's guaranteed for life.*
What nature took so long in making, we take great pride in celebrating.
The Celebration Diamond Collection.

Diamond Certification

Every Celebration Diamond is individually certified and detailed with its own personalized certification card. The card is the diamond's birth certificate, identifying all the qualities that make it unique.

The certification card also contains important light performance rating information that has been performed on the diamond by an independent diamond grading laboratory.

Laser Inscription

Every Celebration Diamond in this collection larger than .25ct. and larger receives a unique certification number. This certification number and the name of the collection is laser-inscribed on the girdle of the diamond ensuring authenticity and identification of the diamond. This number will also appear on the diamond certification card.

Celebration Engraving

Only diamonds that meet our exacting standards will receive the Celebration logo engraving on the inside of the ring's shank.

Diamonds So Expertly Cut, We Guarantee Them For Life.